Benefits of Yoga

Hatha Yoga classes use yoga poses (asana) to strengthen, tone and increase flexibility. Breathing practices (pranayama) to rejuvinate the body system, relaxation techniques to help you let go, and meditation practices to calm the mind. Leaving you better able to deal with life's ups and downs. There are many other documented benefits : -

Pain relief

The ancient yogic practices are known to help reduce pain in long term conditions such as arthritis. A recent study has also proved that yoga is beneficial in the treatment of chronic back pain. (University of York Study).

Stress relief 

The combination of controlled breathing, meditating, stretching and moving from one physical posture to another help to connect the mind and body. Yoga is known to help lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which, at high levels, can be linked to depression and high blood pressure.

Increased flexibility

Can't touch your toes? Don't worry!  All of the stretches in yoga help increase your flexibility, lengthening the muscles, tendons and ligaments gradually over time. Since tight muscles can lead to poor posture, you may notice yourself standing an inch or two taller as well!

Better breathing

The pranayama (breathing) practices improve your breathing habits. Breathing longer and fuller breaths not only helps optimise lung function, it increases the amount of oxygen available in the body and helps you feel more relaxed. We breathe in the region of 22,000 time every single day, how many of those breaths are you actually conscious of?

Increased strength

Stronger muscles help protect our bones and prevent against ailments like back pain. Also, yoga poses require and build up core abdominal strength that is so difficult to achieve - so you have something more exciting to look forward to than 100 sit-ups

Weight loss

Yoga asana will get the muscles working and ensure you're burning calories. In addition as yogic teachings are associated with a more positive outlook and healthy eating, you may find that yoga inspires you to get rid of the crisps in favour of healthier options

Peace of mind 

From stress to insecurity issues, we're all coping with a lot on a daily basis. Yoga provides a positive outlet to quiet our minds (unlike, say, drinking), allowing you to reconnect mind and body. Studies have found that it can also help elevate moods.