Some comments made recently about my classes...

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the recordings of the classes I couldn’t make the week before. The balances class was brilliant, not always easy but I really enjoyed it and the fact that it kept me very much in the moment, I started knitting again during lockdown and it felt like a whole body knitting experience, the moment life started to intrude something went wrong😄 Just a fantastic way to switch off from everything and focus for a while.

The restoration room was amazing! Honestly it felt like I’d had the best sleep ever by the end of the class and I felt so calm I was incredible productive and able to concentrate on getting one thing done and then moving on unlike my usual getting halfway through something and then thinking of something else I feel I should be doing. I cannot wait for the next one! Georgina Clifton Nov 2020.

Nicky's lessons are brilliant for these crazy times. Having them on line is fabulous, I can do a class everyday instead of once a week! Having Nicky in the room makes me much more disciplined. Thank you Nicky x Brenda Smith May 2020

I’m very thankful Nicky has risen to the challenge during this difficult time by switching her classes to online. I will be logging in on Monday as whether it’s face to face or on a screen, Nicky is always upbeat and understanding of how people may be feeling and her yoga classes always make me feel so uplifted, relaxed and ready to take on whatever the world has to throw at me 💕Alison Noble May 2020

Nicky’s classes are wonderful. Different classes for all levels and she has a wealth of experience to share. Highly recommend you give her classes a try. - Caryl Reading May 2020

"When I first placed my bare feet on my borrowed yoga mat (thank you Nicky) 1 and a half years ago, I would never have realised how much my life would be transformed through the practice of Yoga. Nicky has good energy, and is passionate about sharing what she knows with others.  Her patience and gentle guidance through each class enables everyone to discover new strengths and flexibility.  Her classes explore theory and philosophy of Yoga leaving me wanting to discover more.  My senses are more aware of the world around me, both internally and externally, breath mind and physical sensations, and ultimately to the next moment of self discovery on the mat!"  (Karen Adam Nov 2016).

"I initially began attending Nicky’s yoga classes with the hope of finding some ways to relax and create more balance in my life; over the past 3 years, I have learnt these, and so much more! The classes have a wonderfully welcoming and supportive atmosphere, and contain an ideal blend of spiritual teachings, chanting, breathing practice, postures and meditation. Nicky’s knowledge and experience, combined with her obvious passion for yoga and care for her students, mean that classes are simultaneously challenging, rewarding and fun. My yoga practice (including meditation) is now a central part of my life, both on and off the mat, and I cannot thank Nicky enough for her teaching, guidance and support". (Alice Holmes Nov 2016).

I’ve been attending Nicky’s yoga classes for four years now and they’ve become vital to my physical, emotional and spiritual growth and well- being. I love the way that Nicky incorporates all these aspects into her instruction designing a brilliantly planned series of classes around a theme from yogic teachings which we are encouraged to follow at home too. Nicky’s classes are about so much more than ‘being bendy’ – as some classes I’ve attended have been. The rationale for each asana is carefully explained and we are encouraged not to compete but rather to do and be the best we can. Nicky supports us all sympathetically as individuals, encourages questions and shares her own learning and development. If this all sounds terribly serious and introspective, it’s not. Nicky’s classes are fun too. She uses humour to help us overcome our insecurities. We laugh together and with one another. For those of us who want or are able to take our practice further, Nicky’s monthly meditation groups are brilliant too, introducing us to different techniques to help us calm our all too busy minds and develop more deeply as spiritual beings. Through Nicky’s teaching, I’ve learned to tune in so much more to my body and to be more conscious of and present to my thoughts and feelings. For me Nicky is a wise and inspirational teacher and I feel so fortunate to have discovered her classes and got to know her as a very special person. Annie 8/11/16